Motorola RAZR HD boasts a variety of attractive features

The Motorola RAZR HD lacks the standout design features we’ve seen from the competition, but it certainly shines in other areas. Each side of the phone is encased with a thick plastic, but a metallic band runs around the edge. It feels sturdy while in hand, and the rubberised back adds a nice aesthetic touch. Motorola has done a great job in equipping  with a range of ports, including a 3.5mm audio jack, micro USB and even a micro HDMI to hook the phone up to your TV.

Turning on the device reveals a superb 4.7-inch screen that offers crisp text and colours. Some icons look slightly less impressive than others, but it’s only a small flaw. We wouldn’t say the RAZR HD boasts the best display on offer in this group, but it’s certainly up there. Motorola has packed with its own custom skin alongside Android 4.1. This doesn’t overpower Android 4.1 much, but like all skins it does cause the occasional bit of lag which can be an issue. Things are aided by the 1.5GHz dual-core processor, which keeps things running along nicely.

There’s a healthy 16GB of internal storage on the RAZR HD, but the user will have access to just over 13GB of it. Thanks to the micro HDMI port on the phone, you’ll want to be streaming from your phone, and you can augment the available storage with a micro SD card to ensure you’ve got plenty of content on the go. The camera is one of its less attractive points. It takes okay shots in decent light, but is generally little better than average.

The Motorola RAZR HD is a solid device that copes well in most of the areas we tested in, without excelling in any of them. The phone itself feels well made, there’s a great range of ports available and a decent processor to keep things moving nicely. Although it may not be as eye catching as the Samsung Galaxy Mega, this is a device you should really take a closer look at.