The First Wireless Printers Specifically Built for Android

The Photo Plus is one of the first wireless printers specifi cally built for Android devices, enabling users to directly print their photographs in seconds. It benefi ts from being extremely light and portable, but the lack of full A4 printing may put off some people. Design wise, the Photo Plus is a rather unassuming unit, with a single micro USB port located on the top and a paper tray located at the front. Apart from the DC cord needed to power the unit, there are no wires or complicated menus to worry about. Changing the ink cartridge is easy too through a handy side panel.

To use the printer, you’ll need the accompanying app; again this works well and makes selecting a photo to print easy. There aren’t many options for users to customise how they want their photos to print, but the basics are taken care off. From our experience, printing results are a decidedly mixed bag, with some photos looking surprisingly grainy and some images completely washed out, but for the most part we were happy with the overall quality of our printed photos.

Although the Versus VP350 does have some initial teething problems, it will offer a quick and easy solution to print your photos directly from any Android smartphone or tablet.