Get Ready For Android KitKat

You may be surprised to hear that a range of KitKat bars will be produced bearing the Android robot and offering a range of freebies such as a free Nexus 7 of Google Play credit. Surprising but not quite ‘choc horror’.

About Android 4.4

1 Reports say that the KitKat upgrade will use the Linux 3.8 kernel instead of the current 3.4 issue. This will mean that the new operating system variant should provide a lower memory footprint with improved multitasking support to boot.

2 The latest Android OS should appear within the new Nexus mobile phone, the Nexus 5. Expect to see announcements of older Nexus OS upgrades to follow, shortly after. The Nexus phones always receive the Android OS upgrades fi rst.

3 Low-powered devices should be able to run Android 4.4, which will be good for older phones and tablets. This will also mean that Google is putting effort into helping correct Android’s fragmentation problems.

4 Don’t expect to see mind-blowing features within 4.4. Do expect to see upgraded and enhanced features to your current OS though. Targets will include an improved battery life and the usability of the UI, as well as other associated services.

5 Google has been hinting about users being left ‘up in the cloud’. One possible improvement in how Android handles the increasingly popular and important cloud integration could be an easier and more straightforward way of backing up information, and enhanced security features.