I have forgotten my password!

I own a Smart Pad EP750 and managed to forget my password after being interrupted. The pad has no volume control, only an On/Off switch with a reset hole on the rear. What can I do?

Normally when you lose the password you will have serious problems trying to get a device working and you mentioned in your full question that you may have to send the device back to the manufacturer to get the problem sorted.

We would suggest visiting http://bit.ly/1beJJsK and looking for the fi rmware download that is specifi c to your model and then downloading the PDF instructions as well to be on the safe side.

According to the instructions the tablet needs to be turned off at the start of the process so in theory you should be able to update the fi rmware and get it running properly again.

These are the offi cial downloads from the manufacturer and so should present no problems in the slightest, but you could also consider rooting the device and doing it that way instead.

However, the Smart Pad that you own is not a well-known brand and so your options may be limited in this area. Once you have updated the fi rmware and everything is working as it should, don’t forget to write down your password!