Why can’t I swap picture messages?

I am in the UK, my friend is in Australia. We have no problems texting and calling but for some reason we cannot swap picture messages. I have a Samsung S3 and a contract with T Mobile/EE. I am not sure what phone she has, but know that she is pay-as-you-go with 3. I don’t believe it is a smartphone.

This is a difficult problem to solve because we do not know all the information required to see where the process is failing. If your friend does not use a smartphone that will immediately rule out many potential solutions such as WhatsApp, which would make swapping pictures easier, quicker and less expensive.

Our fi rst thought is that one of you does not have picture messaging enabled and we have seen in the past that you will not always see a warning advising you of the fact when sending fails, it simply fails to send messages.

Also, you mention that your friend does not have a smartphone. Is it even capable of sending and receiving picture messages? Our advice would be for each of you to contact your providers to make sure that picture messages can be sent before you do anything else, and to check the costs of doing so across countries because they could be extremely expensive.

Next, try to fi nd a way to use free apps like the aforementioned WhatsApp, even if that does mean your friend purchasing a budget Android device. Potentially that could save you both a lot of money in the long run.

As we said, we cannot offer a full answer due to lack of detail, and this applies to all questions we get. Please supply all of the detail and we will do our best to make your Android dreams come true…