Nexus-PC connection issue

“I am a new owner of the Nexus 7 and when I connected it to the USB port of my desktop computer for the fi rst time everything was fi ne, but on a second attempt (the next day) I could not get connected. I found a message today (in Computer) that an “unknown device” was connected. The leads are OK. Is my Nexus 7 faulty?

This seems to be a common problem, but there is some hope because there are a number of things you can try. Firstly, we would advise to download Android File Transfer from letransfer and see if that lets your computer see the Nexus.

In our experience, many PCs will be able to see a device using this software even when the standard fi le manager cannot. If that does not help, check to see if USB debugging has been enabled accidentally in Settings.

If it has, disable it for the moment. In Settings>Storage look for the button in the upper-right and make sure that MTP is checked. If neither of these work, try going to http:// and downloading and installing the offi cial Google USB driver.

It sounds as though some settings have changed on the PC as it worked initially and then failed, but we remain sceptical purely because this problem is not uncommon on a Nexus 7.

If you are brave, some people have actually made their own drivers to resolve connection problems like this, and a quick search on the net will highlight which are available.

You will of course need to carefully consider what to install if it’s coming from an unoffi cial source. Good luck getting your Nexus connected.