Find my iPhone for Android

I have a new S4 and travel quite a lot, but am paranoid about losing it. Is there a service like the one my husband uses for his iPhone? He says that it is very reassuring to know that he can do things to protect his phone even if it gets lost.

There is indeed a service available from Samsung and in our opinion it is more fully featured and more flexible than Apple’s equivalent offering. We have included a simple step-by-step guide for you to follow and once you have set up the Find My Mobile service, you will have all of the reassurance you need.

There are so many useful features included that it is unlikely that you will lose your data if your phone is protected with a lock code and you will be much more likely to get your phone back. Everything from wiping the content to sending a message to the person with the phone is there alongside more covert features such as seeing who they are calling and tracking its exact whereabouts on a real-time map.

Of course there is never any guarantee of getting a lost phone back and the best method is to be extremely careful with it in the first place, but we are happy to state that anyone who owns an Android phone should be using the Find My Mobile service. It offers great peace of mind.

1. Set it up
Go to and follow the instructions to set up a new account, making sure you include full and accurate details of your Samsung phone. You will need your phone with you to complete the process.

2. Lock your phone
If your phone gets lost, you can easily see its location on a map or lock it and include a message on the front screen. It’s not guaranteed, but it may help you gather enough information to get your phone back.

3. Wipe the data
As a first or last resort, depending on how important the data on the phone is to you, the ability to wipe the internal storage and expansion files is available. This is by far the best way to protect your information.