Rumoured Amazon phone images leaked

It’s the smartphone rumour that won’t quit, and now more circumstantial evidence of its eventual release has surfaced in the wild. BGR has posted what it describes as photos of an Amazon prototype device, along with some spec and feature details shared by “multiple trusted sources”.

The website points out that the prototype is ensconced in a shell that makes it impossible to suss out what the smartphone really looks like. But BGR’s sources say the phone will feature a 3D interface (backing up an earlier report by the WSJ), and will include four front-facing cameras to track the user’s eye movement in the service of various 3D e ects. And, sure enough, if you look at the image above, you’ll see what looks like a battery of cameras.

There will be two versions of the unnamed Amazon phone, with the higher-end version portrayed in the ostensibly leaked images launching fi rst, BGR reports. Its sources say a 4.7in display will be limited to a 720p resolution. We should also expect a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM, BGR says.

It makes perfect sense for the etailer to release a phone, as its Kindle Fire tablets have been huge successes, and Amazon is always interested in platforms – such as the Fire TV – that help you impulse-buy digital media, shoes and anything else that can be delivered in a cardboard box.

But a 3D interface, why? Glasses-free 3D doesn’t work well on any platform, least of all handheld devices. But, hey, if Je Bezos is going to promise drone deliveries, then why not a 3D smartphone? There’s not a kooky idea the company seems unwilling to explore.

Let’s just remember that a smartphone isn’t a smartphone until someone hits send on a press release. Mega-companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon have deep, deep war chests to R&D wild ideas such as 3D phones. The mere presence of an Amazon phone prototype shouldn’t surprise anyone. But we’ll just have to wait until Je Bezos sings to fi nd out what the device will actually include in the fi nal, shipping fl esh.