Should I buy an iPhone or a Samsung

Samsung vs iPhone is equal to Android vs iOS. And it isn’t a simple question to answer. Android isn’t like it used to be: if you are new to the smartphone game there’s no obvious winner. These are the two most popular and best mobile operating systems around so it’s about picking which one is right for you.

In essence, if you are a long-term iOS user you are probably best of sticking with what you know. You have after all almost certainly spent a lot of cash on apps that you’ll have to spend again in Android. But it is worth considering that your iTunes music files will work in Android, and Android ofers the opportunity of shopping around for music, movies, books and TV shows.

So, basically, Samsung phones ofer more opportunity for customisation, and a variety of places from which to buy. iPhones ofer a more locked down but curated experience. Samsung phones mean that Google is using Android to collect anonymous data to be used to anonymously target advertising. But iPhones force you to pay through the nose for iTunes (and no Samsung has ever forcibly downloaded Bono and his mates on to your phone). Read our Android L vs iOS 8 article on page 3 for a more detailed comparison on these two operating systems.

If you are in the market for a new smartphone and have never owned either an iPhone or a Samsung, rest assured that you are looking at two of the best brands around. But not the only brands. Samsung will ofer you something at the cheaper end of the market, but it won’t be anything like as good as an iPhone... or a higher-priced Samsung. And both brands ofer a variety of handsets, but Samsung’s variety stretches wider.

Ultimately, work out what you want from a phone and how much you are prepared to pay. Then consider the marginal diferences between Android and iOS, and make a decision. And remember to try before you buy.