Best Apps For Rooted Android Phones

There are several reasons why you would want to root your phone. The main one is speed improvements, as you can install software to boost your CPU, thus improving the overall performance of the phone (ideal for older phones, but also newer ones) or you can install backup software that can back up all your apps and settings, including Market apps.

Combine this with software that can clear your apps cache, freeing up precious memory, and the ability to customise your phone’s themes/icons and you can soup up your phone.

Another reason to root your phone is to load Custom ROMs. These are normally based on the default ROMs, but are tweaked to bring additional functionality, performance improvements and battery life gains to the table. Ideal, in some ways, for those unsatisfied by the standard ROM or for those older phones abandoned by their respective manufacturers.

Rooting is a process for more advanced users. Head over to for the full lowdown on how to do it for your particular device.

Best Apps For Rooted Android Phones

AdFree Android
As the name suggests, AdFree can remove certain types of advertisements from full websites. Not only does this save you having to view annoying ads, but it should help speed up the loading time of webpages. Ideal for slower mobile data connections.

Titanium Backup
Free (Pro version $3.99)
This must-have app can be used to back up and restore regular or protected apps and their settings, plus you can restore Market links and enable scheduled backups. The latest Pro version adds Dropbox support.

Free for XDA members or $1.99
SetCPU is a great app which can be used to maximise or underclock your CPU using predefined profile settings (to save battery life, for example, when your phone’s screen is off).

CacheMate for Root Users
CacheMate can be used to clear the cache from all your apps, which we found freed up an extra 3MB. While this does not seem much, it certainly keeps the device running smoother.

Best Apps For Rooted Android Phones
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