How to Update Android Market to The Latest Version

The Market app is being updated regularly at the moment, as Google rolls out new services. The Books and Films services have been rolled out to UK users recently, and we’re expecting the Music service at some point in the not too distant future too, so keep an eye out for that.

Make your apps automatically update 

An effective way to stem this is to make use of the Automatic Update feature that is available for every app in the Android Market. Go into the Market and bring up your list of downloaded apps. Highlight an app you regularly use and tick the ‘Allow automatic updating’ box. Be careful with using this for apps such as Google Voice, which relies on important background services – updating them automatically can disrupt functionality.

Enable restricted apps in the Market

Some apps are restricted to only be available in certain countries. A nice easy way to get around this is to install the MarketEnabler app.

Download it from https://market. marketenabler&hl=en and then open it up. You will see your current SIM settings and location.

In the next menu, called ‘Settings List’, choose the location where you want to pretend to be. Long-press on the provider and choose ‘fake this provider now’. The app will ask for root permissions, so grant them.

Now when entering the Market you should see all apps that are available for that country. Once you reboot, your settings will return to normal.

If the location you wish to pretend to be in isn’t available in the list, you can also manually set one in the ‘Set Custom’ menu. This is done using the operators code, which can be found online.

Make your Market transparent

The Android Market recently received an update to version three. This update brought a major overhaul of the interface and look, bringing it in line with the web-based version of the Market.

While the new Market does look great, the developer Fernando Sor has decided to take things one step further and create a version of the Market with a transparent background, allowing your desktop to shine through.

If you haven’t updated your Market to version three , then now is the perfect opportunity, but remember to check your device supports it first. Go to http://forum.xda-developers. com/showthread.php?t=877510 and download the transparent Market update.

This thread also contains transparent versions of other popular Google apps such as Gmail and Google Voice. Once that has finished downloading, copy it to your SD card and then reboot into recovery mode. Select ‘Install update’ and ‘Choose from SD card’, then browse to the place you copied the ZIP.

Click on it, confirm the install and wait. Reboot and the new Market will have overwritten your old one with a funky blue icon. Launch it and wait while it updates, then you can enjoy the modern transparent background.

How to Update Android Market to The Latest Version
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