What is Cartoon HD, and is it safe?

Over Christmas an app called Cartoon HD began causing a stir, but it was quickly pulled from Apple’s App Store. Now a plethora of copycat apps have launched. So what is Cartoon HD, and is it safe to use?

What is Cartoon HD?

Cartoon HD made waves by o ering users free access to cartoons and full-length feature fi lms, including new releases such as Despicable Me 2. The app should have cost around £20, but it was available for free. Unsurprisingly, Apple banned the app for providing copyrighted content.

Whether Cartoon HD was doing anything malicious is unclear, but it’s likely that copycat apps will want to cash in on the hype. This means you should be very careful when installing and using such apps.

Cartoon HD copycats

If you search the Google Play store for ‘Cartoon HD’, many Android apps appear in the results fi ghting for your attention. Descriptions will no doubt state that the app is legitimate and collecting content from YouTube and websites in the public domain – but just because they say that it doesn’t make it true.

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