What is Cartoon HD, and is it safe? part2

Is Cartoon HD and its alternatives safe?

User reviews and ratings are likely to make the app look appealing. However, these are probably fake, or written by those who don’t know what they’re talking about.

Many of these apps will be cashing in by way of adverts – if you don’t mind viewing ads then that’s fi ne, and everything could well be above board. They might also want in-app payments for content – also fi ne, if handled responsibly. As a rule of thumb, never enter your banking details into an app – only pay for in-app items via the Google Play store.

More mischievous developers might try to collect your personal data, which they can sell on for profi t. Before you click to install an app from Google Play, a pop-up window will show you what permissions are required before you continue. Read these carefully before you take the plunge – they can be a giveaway as to what’s really going on.

Cartoon HD app permissions

Apps will typically require network access (to stream the content) and the ability to stop your screen turning o . However, a video-streaming app that wants to read your web history and fi nd accounts on your device is somewhat more suspicious.

Tony Anscombe, senior security evangelist at AVG said: “It’s important that people read the permissions approval process before simply clicking ‘Yes’ and regularly check the settings and T&Cs of apps to see what data is being held or what can be accessed by the service provider. A little common sense goes a long way when approving these permissions – after all, does that fl ashlight app really need access to your contacts?”

The bottom line is that if you’re not sure about the legitimacy of an app, don’t download it. If something smells fi shy, don’t ignore it: the app is probably too good to be true.

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