Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Apps to Download part2

Best Apps to Download for the S4

GUNS BROS 2 One of the rst games to work with the S4’s Group Play, Gun Bros 2 allows you to battle it out with friends in this explosive arena game. Multiplayer fun happens in real-time and as well as being able to take a tour of duty with your friends, you can also borrow their powered-up avatars. ● iPhone+ | iOS 4.3 | Free | v1.1.0 ● Android | OS 2.1 | Free | v1.2.0

NETFLIX The 5-inch Super HD AMOLED screen was made for watching videos, so make the most of it with a subscription to Net ix. The S4’s Smart Pause function ensures you will never miss a thing because the moment you look away from the screen, it will pause your video. ● iPad+ | iOS 5.0 | Free | v3.0.1 ● Android | OS 2.2 | Free | v2.2.0

FLIPBOARD: YOUR NEWS MAGAZINE Flipboard brings together news from your favourite websites and social media and arranges them in a magazine skin. As you swipe, the pages peel back like paper, and now the S4 version supports Air View, you can highlight stories without even having to touch the screen. ● iPhone+ | iOS 4.2 | Free | v2 ● Android | OS 2.2 | Free | v1.9.28

KOBO BOOKS Make the most of that eye-tracking technology by adding a few eBooks to your S4. Read the latest books and get magazine subscriptions from Kobo, or import them yourself from email and Dropbox. The app also provides a mobile book club where you can earn badges for your reading habits and interact with a community of users. ● iPhone+ | iOS 5.0 | Free | v5.9.1 ● Android | Varies | Free | Varies

SKETCHBOOK MOBILE Create a work of art on a mobile canvas with Sketchbook Mobile. The drawing app includes 65 preset brushes, a colour wheel, layers and the option to import photos. Despite the S4’s phablet size, Sketchbook Mobile is recommended as it is less than 7 inches. ● iPhone | iOS 5.0 | £1.69/41.99 | v2.7.1 ● Android | OS 2.2 | £1.32/$1.99 | v2.2

CATCH NOTES Keep track of your to-do list with Catch Notes, which allows you take notes, capture pictures, record voice memos, record your location on a map, and attach reminders. The app includes an add-on to work with the S Pen stylus for the Galaxy Note. While the ‘touch-less’ screen S4 doesn’t actually require a stylus, perhaps further collaboration between Catch Notes and Samsung will arise in the future. ● iPhone+ | iOS 5.0 | Free | v5.2.3 ● Android | Varies | Free | Varies

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