How to Block Unknown Callers on Android part2

How to Block Unknown Callers

If you’re fed up of receiving calls from total strangers, you can take control back with a third-party app named Call Guard

1: Download and install
Head to the Market, search for Call Guard and press the Go button. Find the app (it’s the fifth one down in the shot above), install it to your phone and then launch the software.

2: Block contact(s)
Select Filters and then press Menu followed by Add. Enter an appropriate title and use the drop-down box to select the actions that are ticked above.

3: Filter incoming
Next press the Incoming icon at the top. Place a tick next to Block from black list and select the adjacent arrow. Press Menu and select Phone book.

4: Filter icons
Select the contacts you want to block and you’ll then be returned to the screen with your contacts displayed and two small icons next to the name.

5: View blocked calls
If the person in your filter list calls they will be blocked and an SMS will be sent out to them. However, to view the blocked call, select Blocked Calls.

6: Block global preferences
You can also block numbers on a global scale. Select Settings then Block Preferences. Select an action, now scroll down to Block Incoming calls.

7: Block global incoming
Tick ‘Block unknown incoming and hidden incoming’. This will stop private numbers and anyone who is not in your phonebook from getting through to you.

8: Blocked Call notifications
Scroll to the Blocked Call notification options and then select the Notification text. Type in your preferred words and press the Back key to finish.

9: Password and start settings
While in the Settings, head to the top of the list, tick Start on boot and then enable a password via the Password protection box lower down in the options.

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