Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Apps to Download

Samsung’s own native best apps, known as S Apps, have been greatly improved. The device’s built-in instant messenger ChatOn has been upgraded to include multimedia messaging, in addition to the power to change your background in video calls and turn yourself into an emoticon with cartoon face masks. Great for the kids. Voice Search now includes improved hands-free functionality with Drive mode, and enables you to answer calls via voice command.

However, the most impressive S Apps have to be the new additions, including S Translator that speaks 10 languages, S Fitness that keeps you trim and in shape, and the new improved camera functions, including Sound and Shot that enable you to apply audio recordings to your still photos.

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Apps

S HEALTH Goodbye FitBit and Endomondo, the S4’s has its own native tness app. S Health tracks your workout with GPS and a built-in pedometer, not to mention a calorie counter, and sensors that measure the temperature and humidity of a room to work out how comfortable you are. With accessories, the device can also measure your blood pressure.

S TRANSLATOR Become multilingual with a tap of your screen. S Translator will translate languages, including French, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese, from speech-to-text and text-to-speech, as well as translate your emails and text messages. Even if you’re without a network connection, there are 3,000 useful phrases available o ine.

GROUP PLAY A generation ago, if you wanted to share music with your friends you would record a mix tape or burn it to CD. Group Play makes the process instantaneous – wirelessly sharing music to other S4 users. Group Play also works with le-sharing and games, with Asphalt 7 and Gun Bros 2 demonstrated at the launch event.

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