Best Software from Samsung Galaxy S4

Make your own Galaxy S4
How to get the best new software from the S4 on your phone today

Dual camera 
WHAT IT DOES: With the Dual Camera feature you can shoot with both your front and rear-mounted cameras at the same time, meaning you won’t be cut out of the family album if you’re the one controlling the camera. HOW YOU CAN TRY IT: Multi-lens Camera (free). There’s no direct alternative on the Play store for using both cameras together, but an app like Multi-lens Camera offers a very simple way of combining multiple shots into a single image.

Optical Reader 
WHAT IT DOES: Scans documents, business cards and the like via the camera and converts the printed word into digital form. An easy way to combine your physical and digital worlds. HOW YOU CAN TRY IT: Google Goggles (free). Interacts with the physical world better than any other. Point the camera at text or pictures and it can help you identify them.

S Health 
WHAT IT DOES: A suite of tools that help your Galaxy S4 handset monitor your health and fi tness. Comes with a range of accessories including a heart rate monitor and even a handy set of scales. HOW YOU CAN TRY IT: Instant Heart Rate (free). There are plenty of separate health apps on the Play store. Instant Heart Rate is a simple and effective way of tracking your heart before and after exercise.

S Translator 
WHAT IT DOES: Hold live conversations with people in various languages. Simply speak into your S4 and S Translator will translate and read aloud your words in one of nine different languages. HOW YOU CAN TRY IT: Google Translate (free). Google’s similar app is already well established as an excellent multi-lingual tool. Like S Translator it needs a data connection, but supports 64 languages.

S Voice Drive 
WHAT IT DOES: Interacts with your in-car Bluetooth system to give you a fully voice-controlled smartphone. Whether for texts or directions, you can go hands-free while on the road. HOW YOU CAN TRY IT: Text’nDrive Drive Safely (free, pro version also available). Google Maps Navigation already has a good speech-controlled option as default, while this application helps you compose or listen to text messages while driving.

Samsung WatchON 
WHAT IT DOES: Samsung’s TV remote service incorporates infrared for controlling your viewing habits and may be extended to other equipment in and around your home in future. HOW YOU CAN TRY IT: Sky+ (free). There’s no substitute for an infrared port, but if your Sky box is connected to your Wi-Fi router then you can use the Sky+ apps to record shows, manage your planner and change channels.

Android Magazine UK - Issue 24_ 2013