Tape Measure App For Android part2

Measuring with Slide Meter is easy enough. Start by aligning the left side of your phone to the left side of the thing you’d like to measure. Your phone must be lying on a flat surface to measure accurately. Press the start button to begin measuring and quickly slide your phone to the opposite side of your object.

Once you’ve reached the right side, wait a second before taking your fi nger off the start button. Voilà, the measurement should appear on screen! Similar to a traffi c light, there are green, yellow and red lights at the top of the app’s user interface.

These lights are important. If you see a green light everything is good and your measurement should be accurate. If you see a yellow light you almost got it right, but you should try again for amore accurate measurement.

However, if you see a red light you’ve done something wrong and you’ll have to redo your measurement all over again. Use your smartphone as a tape measure? What ever next…

Slide Meter
Price Free
Designed for: Phone and tablet
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Verdict : It’s great for a quick novelty measure, but we can’t see it replacing the real thing

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This Tape Measure App article is taken from :
Android Magazine UK - Issue 24