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GO Weather is a visually delightful weather application that puts as much e ort in its sharp visuals as it does providing the most up-to-date weather information in your local area. The most gorgeous feature of this app is the live wallpaper it provides – with more available to download for free – which has animated backgrounds based on the current weather in your location. Even without this feature selected, the app itself showcases some equally impressive animated images, with the current temperature displayed clearly in the top-left corner, with further information including a barometer, humidity, visibility, dew point and sunrise/sunset times available at a click.

It’s fairly comprehensive, with the weather for the next seven days listed at the bottom of the screen – scroll to reveal further days – and it’s all easy to read and simply displayed. There’s a more detailed text analysis of the weather available just by scrolling the bottom menu upwards, revealing a thorough breakdown of everything that’s going on. While it lacks hourly updates, there’s no doubt that it provides a wealth of information for the average user to get a clear understanding of what to expect from the weather within the next few upcoming days.

The widget is also well presented, with customisable size and style keeping the attractive visuals consistent across the app. With information on your current location, the time, temperature, wind speed and current weather, it is a concise and well-developed widget, paired with an app that o ers a little twist on the standard weather application.

You can add multiple locations to your favourites, making it easy to stay on top of the weather while travelling around. You’ll also nd that there is a huge amount of customisable options, allowing you to tweak text sizes, your widget skin and what information is displayed, so that you can completely tailor the app to your speci c needs. Do bear in mind that while the HD animations and crisp visuals are stunning to look at, some may wish to conserve their battery and opt for more basic imagery to represent the current weather.

GO Weather is one of the best-looking weather apps on the Android Market. However, beyond the attractive videos, HD backgrounds and stylish widgets, the weather information is accurate, fast and reliable. The amount of content available packed into this free app is outstanding. So if you’re not worried about draining your battery, then get downloading this beautifully elegant app today.

GO Weather
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