How To Secure Your Android Phone

Your PC has a firewall – but what about to secure android phone? After all, your device carries your address book, social networking apps and potentially even access to documents through your favourite cloud drive.

Millions of people are wandering around right now with their phones connected to the internet, their data exposed to online threats via active apps and malicious websites.

This has the potential of being a big problem, particular for Android users, but it is one that you can protect yourself from using a firewall.

There are several firewall apps available for Android, but the majority of these require a rooted phone.

Mobiwol is different, however, offering exactly the sort of features you would expect from a desktop fi rewall, such as managing connectivity on an app-by-app basis and receiving alerts when a new app attempts to connect to the internet.

Mobiwol is also extremely easy to set up…

Activate the firewall
When running Mobiwol for the first time, activate the firewall. Android will warn you that Mobiwol is about to intercept network traffic – don’t worry, that’s the point of a firewall!

Setting firewall rules
If you want to control app access to the internet, open Firewall Rules and toggle the checkboxes for wireless and mobile data connection – or tap menu for master controls.

Logs and settings
Ensure that Mobiwol is configured to run when you restart your phone, via Firewall Settings. Here you can also configure your connection logs to check which apps have internet access.