Cute messages through the voices

Why send regular, boring messages when you don’t have to? Spice up your messages with Zoobe Pets, the cutest way to send mobile messages. This brilliant app lets you sit in the director’s chair, as you create your very own 3D Zoobe messages.

Zoobe messages can be created in a few easy steps – start by selecting a colourful background, your favourite adorable pet, record your own unique voice and share the app’s cuteness with the world.

Zoobe is fully customisable so no two messages are guaranteed to look or sound alike. Pick your favourite Zoobe pet and dress it up with an adorable ensemble. If you don’t like the background selection, no worries – you can import a photo of your very own.

These aren’t your standard, static text messages either – bring your Zoobe pet to life with full animation, as it lip-syncs to your own voice. Once you start using Zoobe, you’ll be hooked – you may never send another regular text again!