Five great Quickoffice features

Quickoffice is a fairly recent addition to the plethora of Google apps available to smartphone and tablet users that are completely free of charge. As far as office suites go, Quickoffice is one of the best on the market, offering an easy way to create, manage and edit documents and other office suite products.

Compared to other office suites available to Android, Quickoffice is fairly basic, but being able to sync all your files with other Google apps, including Google Drive, makes it an app worth downloading onto your phone or tablet. In the following masterclass we’ve taken a look at some of the app’s best features, which every user should check out, including the various ways you can format word documents and sync all of your created files into the cloud with the app’s Google Drive compatibility.

You’ll also find tutorials covering the process of creating simple spreadsheets and presentations from scratch, as well as an easy solution to open up documents stored on your device’s internal storage without the need to access the cloud at any point.

Five great Quickoffice features

1. Any fi le you create in Quickoffice can be opened and edited in many other Android office suites. This adds a great deal of fl exibility to how you create and manage documents and other fi les on your phone or tablet.

2. Although you can’t add animations to your presentations created in Quickoffice, by opening them up in Microsoft PowerPoint, you can then add animations to it, which will really make the presentation stand out from the crowd.

 3. By adding comments to your documents and other fi les, you can leave notes for colleagues or other people who are allowed to make changes to the documents. They can then add their own comments for you to see and work with.

4. If you’re working on collaborative projects, make sure to use the Shared with Me feature on Quickoffice. If there is more than one person working on the same file, here you’ll be able to see a preview of the changes they’ve made and the latest copy of that file.

5. Use the search feature at the top of the app if you’re looking for a specific file or document stored on your Google Drive account.