The best games for the Oculus Rift

Here are five of the best confirmed games that will be available for the Oculus Rift at launch

Among The Sleep
» Developer Krillbite Studio
Following on from the likes of Silent Hill, Among The Sleep is a fi rst person survival horror game that puts you at the forefront of a young boy’s terrifying nightmare. Use the Rift to explore the dark and dingy world you’re plunged in to.

Kairo £TBA/$5
» Developer Locked Door Puzzle
Set in a minimalist world, Kairo is a puzzle game that gets users interacting with everyday objects to uncover the dark secrets of the world around them. Puzzles get tricky quickly, so prepare to spend hours solving everything the game has to offer.

Retrovirus £TBA/$19.99
» Developer Cadenza Interactive
As far as fi rst person shooters go, Retrovirus is a very ambitious project. Taking the fi ght to a computer virus, users need to blast their way through waves of enemies and tackle a selection of truly terrifying bosses along the way.

DARK £24.99/$29.99
» Developer Realmforge Studios
After already being released on most home consoles, DARK is one of the few fully stealth games announced for the VR headset. The Oculus Rift port will see new levels introduced to make full use of what the Rift can do.

DayZ £TBA/$29.99
» Developer Bohemia Interactive
DayZ promises to be the biggest MMO available for Oculus Rift users. In a zombie-fi lled universe, each user must scrape together supplies to fi ght off any zombies they encounter on their travels.