Android-Powered Smartwatches

We’re still in the dark over whether Apple will ever bring out its much-hyped iWatch. But even the mere hint that it might has seemed to kickstart a revolution.

 In 2012, a Kickstarter project for an Android-compatible watch called Pebble attracted the most funds ever (a staggering $10.2 million even though it only asked for $100,000). Samsung got tongues wagging with its Galaxy Gear too (it’s not perfect but it's out there). We’ve also seen the Sony SmartWatch, the MotoACTV from Motorola and even good old Casio come in on the game over the past couple of years.

But wearable tech is going to be a major growth area in 2014 and, with Android already leading the way and Google set to produce its own, we know where the smart money is going. Having the ability to make calls via Android on your wrist like Michael Knight from Knight Rider and getting notifi cations and alerts make smartwatches a convenient tech and they look like they are here to stay for a while.

Pebble Steel
This is a more visually appealing version of the Pebble smartwatch, which lets you view notifi cations from your Android phone without needing to keep whipping out the handset.

Samsung Galaxy Gear
Whereas the Pebble doesn’t allow for calls, the Galaxy Gear does. You can check emails, use the camera and view notifi cations.

Martian Notifier
As one of the more fashionable smartwatches, you can choose alerts, have alarms, control the camera shutter and even use it to fi nd your phone.