Chromecast vs Now TV

I’m wondering what’s the big deal regarding the Chromecast dongle? I have recently purchased the Now TV box for a tenner and can stream any Android device media directly to it using the free PlayTo TV for Roku app from the Play store.

The Now TV box is just a paired down Roku player and within the Roku Store from the box’s main menu you can add the PlayTo channel to your directory of available channels. Add in Sky’s Catch Up service for fi ve quid a month and Sky Movies on Demand and your bases are covered. Spotify Premium is also available as a channel if you already subscribe.

So far, I can stream just about any local media content from my Android devices, or any network content from my PC with the sharing option enabled in Windows.

Also, using the Firefox mobile browser I can stream internet video from my Nexus 7 or my phone. Easy! Who needs a Chromecast?

On a different topic, kudos to Sony for announcing the Xperia Z1 Compact. Finally, a top-spec handset in a pocket-friendly form factor! If it’s released in the UK, I will defi nitely be upgrading to this 20.7 -megapixel camera phone in the summer. I look forward to Android Magazine’s review of the device soon. Regards, Gavin Barnes

We say: We haven’t yet tested a Now TV box, but we have tested various Roku devices and in our experience not every phone is supported when it comes to streaming from device to box. So that compatibility issue would need to be tested by anyone looking to buy. Otherwise, as you say, it’s a versatile and inexpensive way to set up your home streaming system. We’re looking forward to getting our hands on the Z1 Compact too!