The Walk Fitness Tracker Game

Walking is a great exercise, but standard pedometers aren’t very inspiring – unlike The Walk. Every step counts in this fi tness tracker turned interactive audiobook. Near the start, a bomb explodes at Inverness railway station and you’re given a package to save the world.

To keep moving in the game, you need to walk in real life – every few minutes, you’ll unlock another audio clip. There are also items to fi nd on the scrolling map, plus a choice of routes at some points. With 51 episodes and 800 minutes of audio, it’ll keep you going for hundreds of miles.

At fi rst we thought our steps weren’t registering, as the app only refreshes its stats every minute or so. Also, there are no alerts to tell you when you’ve unlocked a new audio clip.

Created by the developer of Zombies, Run!, The Walk is a more pedestrian affair. Anyone expecting the same sort of continuous audio immersion will be disappointed, but The Walk is compelling in its own way and the intriguing story keeps you going – despite some dodgy accents.