Fun photo editing apps

If you want to amuse your family and friends with a giggle, this should do the trick. It lets you superimpose an animal’s head onto a photo taken with the app, or imported from your device’s photo album. The app includes 17 animal faces that come from creatures that either inherently look daft (like a goat or a monkey) or have features that have been slightly exaggerated. Once your photo is in the app, you select the mask, adjust its size and position it where you like. When you’re satis ed, you can share your unsettling creations either through email or on Facebook. Very basic but easy to use and likely to produce fair few smiles among its users. ANIMAL HEAD PHOTO MASHUP ● iPhone | iOS 3.1.3 | £0.69/$0.99 | v1.7 ● Android | OS 2.1 | £0.63/$0.99 | v1.1

This is a typical image distortion app that has about as much to do with plastic surgery as it does gardening. Even so, you can achieve some amusing e ects if you start with the right photo and have the patience to work out how to get the best results from the limited tool set. The results aren’t as good as those suggested by the images in the o cial app descriptions, mostly because it’s hard to get convincing contours with  ngertip smearing. However, you can share your results with other users if you get something you think is particularly funny or clever. The feature set is limited but it can produce some surreal e ects with relative ease. PLASTIC SURGERY SIMULATOR ● iPhone+ | iOS 4.3 | £1.49/$1.99 | v1.4 ● Android | OS 2.1 | £1.17/$1.88 | v1.2.1

This app is by the same developer as Animal Head Photo Mashup but it takes the theme of that product further by allowing you to overlay more than just creature noggins on your pictures. Here the options include human and animal eyes, ears and noses, as well as moustaches, hats, glasses and fruit. You can snap a photo in the app or import one that you’ve previously taken. You can also create something from just using the masks. The much wider selection of masks inevitably increases your opportunities for silliness. Moreover, expansion packs are promised for the future. The abundance of masks provides plenty of opportunity for bizarre creations. PROP BOOTH ● iPhone | iOS 2.4 | £0.69/$0.99 | v3.1.3 ● Android | OS 2.1 | £0.63/$0.99 | v1.0

If you don’t know how easy it is to make yourself look like a completely di erent person, try this app. It takes the old fairground attraction of distorting mirrors and turns it into a camera e ect that can have surprising results. Twenty di erent distortions come with the app and the e ect of each can be viewed in real time through your device’s camera. Furthermore, you are not restricted to still images: the app will record videos of your contorted face and change your voice on the soundtrack. The results can be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. A great tool for creating weird avatars for social networking sites. Good fun. TALKING FUNNY MIRRORS ● iPhone | iOS 5.1 | £0.69/$0.99 | v2.01 ● Android | OS 2.3.3 | £0.69/$0.99 | v2.3.0

This app makes it easy to get fun e ects from a headshot by taking advantage of the movement sensors in mobile devices. You snap a photo of someone’s face with the app or import one from your photo gallery, then match up the facial features with a template by zooming in or out, moving the image and rotating it. Once you have the eyes, nose and mouth lined up you just shake the device and hey presto: the app superimposes various combinations of facial objects on the photo, including moustaches, glasses and noses. To change the combination, just shake again. This one is sure to cause a chuckle and should be very popular with children. SHAKIN’ CHANGE ● iPhone | iOS 3.1.3 | £1.49/$1.99 | v1.4.4 ● Android | OS 1.6 | £1.21/$1.94 | v1.4.4

The developers of this app have taken a novelty theme and turned it into something that is not only professional-looking but practical. The interface mimics the classic photobooth that you  nd in shopping centres and replicates the experience of using the booth: you look into the camera window then press the Start button and wait for the  ash to go o . One advantage of the app over a real booth is that you get immediate results. You can also adjust the style of the images, share them and print them o . Good example of an app that entices you to use it because of how smartly designed it is. POCKETBOOTH ● iPhone+ | iOS 5.0 | £0.69/$0.99 | v2.0.1 ● Android | OS 2.2 | £1.25/$1.99 | v1.3.1

If you are concerned about a zombie apocalypse and want to be able to recognise your friends among the hordes of undead, this app might help. It’s one of several in the app stores that can zombify portrait pictures by overlaying decomposing facial features on them. To work properly, it needs a picture of a face taken from directly in front. This can be snapped in the app or imported. You then line up the markers for the facial features and start processing. Results are mixed but the app can generate a few variations that might produce something suitably unpleasant. Dead simple to use but you’ll have to be selective about who sees the results. ZOMBIE PRO BOOTH ● iPhone+ | iOS 4.3 | £0.69/$0.99 | v1.3 ● Android | OS 2.2 | £0.64/$0.99 | v1.3

This app works like Talking Funny Mirrors in that it allows you to manipulate images using various distorting  lters, such as Pinch, Bulge and Swirl. On top of that, though, you can also change an image’s texture using e ects such as Canvas, Chalk and Neon. In typical fashion the original image can be imported from a device’s gallery or snapped with the camera in the app. Less common are functions that allow you to capture movies as well as photographs and copy images to the clipboard. Settings are minimal but the number of available  lters makes up for that. Does indeed make your camera fun and it can be creative too. CAMERA FUN PRO ● iPhone | iOS 4.2 | £0.69/$0.99 | v4.1 ● Android | OS 1.6 | £0.61/$0.99 | v4.0

Face swapping apps are plentiful but FacePLANT (a.k.a. Face Swap - Photoshop Juggle on Android) stands out because of its extra features. It only works if it detects two faces in an image but once a photo is imported you can give everyone the same face or swap faces around. The main editing screen lets you move, resize and rotate the transplanted faces to line them up. You can then go to a second editing screen and add additional features like hats, glasses and word bubbles, and also adjust lighting and colour. As novelty photo apps go, this one is about as comprehensive as they get. Very silly, and very fun. FACEPLANT ● iPhone | iOS 5.0 | £0.69/$0.99 | v1.8 ● Android | OS 4.0 | £0.64/$1.04 | v1.3.5