Powerful Weekly Calendar App

Having achieved rave reviews on iOS, Week Calendar  nally comes to Android and little has changed. It is still a brilliant way of organising your days and weeks with a host of options, many of which use on-screen gestures to make life easier.

For example, events can be relocated by dragging and dropping and you can also use group templates. By moving events around, they are quickly repositioned – but the app goes further and also allows for auto-repeats, so if you have regular tasks, they can be set as reminders on whatever basis you want.

One thing the Android app has over the iOS version is widgets – this means you can access the calendar with far greater speed, but much of the rest is the same. As well as weekly views there are overviews by day, week, month and year. You can perform batch operations and customise your week numbers if they don’t tally with traditional calendars, which is particularly useful for tax or academic years. Using the app is very easy and only requires a few taps before an event has been created and added.

Additionally, di erent colours can be assigned to di erent events and you can also add emojis for extra personalisation if you like. Having calendars with di erent colours is also a great bit of thinking, allowing you to glance at the relevant set of events in the blink of an eye and quickly gauge what your plans are.

● iPhone+ | iOS 6.0 | £1.49/$0.99 | v.5.2
● Android | OS 2.3 | £1.49/$1.99 | v1.2.2