The best tools and utilities

Want to access your desktop PC from your tablet, touch-type on the screen or protect your device fromviruses? This selection of useful utilities lets you do all that and more

ezPDF Reader
Price: £2.50
The large screens found on tablets make them ideal for reading books and magazines, but they’re also great for perusing PDF documents. ezPDF Reader is a compact app that supports note-taking, text highlighting and embedded video. Unlike its rivals, it’s fast and boasts a visually pleasing “page flipping” effect. All of your PDFs are laid out on a rather fetching imitation bookshelf, and the cherry on top is its text-to-speech feature, which means you can listen to your PDFs as well as read them. A “lite” version is also available to try before you buy.

File Manager HD
It’s amazing that many Android tablets don’t come with a file manager by default, but you can rectify this oversight by installing this feature-rich app. Cloud support is included, and you can even access files over FTP services. File Manager HD makes good use of HD displays, giving you full control over your device’s cavernous internal memory. It’s ad supported, but you can remove these by making an in-app purchase.

Dashl ane Password Manager
Passwords are required for practically every activity you indulge in online, and web security experts recommend you never use the same one twice. Remembering all those passwords is impossible unless you’re a genius, so for everyone else there’s Dashlane, an app that allows you to store multiple login details and secure them with a master password. Dashlane auto-fills password fields on sites, taking the pain out of logging in.

Swift Key Keyboard
Price: £2.99
Android’s support for custom keyboards has given rise to a flood of alternatives, and SwiftKey is surely the best. It uses a prediction engine that learns how you type and eventually becomes so adept that it can guess your next word with uncanny accuracy. Trace-to-type has been added, and if you have SwiftKey on your phone, too, you can use the cloud storage service to share the keyboard’s knowledge base across multiple devices, meaning that every piece of Android tech you own can be blessed with super-fast text input

Cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox may have removed the need to plug your Android tablet into your PC, but every now and then you may find yourself reaching for that USB cable in order to shift files around. AirDroid aims to zap that cable once and for all, as it allows you to manage your device over a Wi-Fi network. You can also stream video from your tablet’s camera, effectively turning it into a webcam.

Googl e Drive
Google’s answer to Dropbox has gone from strength to strength in the past 12 months, offering robust and deep-rooted connectivity with the Android operating system. You can store practically anything, and Drive’s thumbnail views make it easy to sift through your treasured files, photos and videos. Since it’s built on the foundation of Google Docs, Drive makes it easy to share and collaborate with friends and work colleagues.