Essential apps for images and video

From forming your own digital masterpieces, enhancing photos and shooting video, here are our favourite apps thatwill enable you to unleash your creative side

Autodesk SketchBook Pro for Tablets
Price: £3.35
While there are plenty of doodling tools available on tablets, Autodesk SketchBook Pro takes things to the next level with a customisable UI, 60 preset brush types and the ability to export to files that can be edited using Photoshop. It also supports a “pen only” mode for devices that come with special touchscreen pens, which increases accuracy dramatically and allows you to create some truly amazing digital masterpieces. SketchBook Pro serves as an able companion app to Photoshop Touch.

Adobe Photoshop Touch
Price: £6.99
Adobe’s world-famous Photoshop desktop application is a market leader in image manipulation, and it’s now available in tablet format. It comes with many of the same features of its PC-based relation, including the ability to work with different tools, add layers and edit large-scale images. It doesn’t end there, either: if you’re signed up to Adobe Creative Cloud, you can also make use of 2GB of free online storage to sync projects between your tablet and desktop, allowing you to work effortlessly while on the road and then transfer your work to your PC when you get back home

Glimmr Pro
Price: £1.62
You might assume that it’s always best to go with the official option when picking apps, but Glimmr disproves this theory: it’s a Flickr client that bests Flickr’s own app in every way imaginable. Not only is it easier to use, it features better notifications, a homescreen widget and the ability to use high-resolution thumbnails (especially useful on tablets). The developers also have a user forum where you can suggest new features, so the app will only get better over time.

These days, taking a decent photo isn’t just about pointing a camera at something attractive – there’s so much more you can do in post-production to make your snap look like something David Bailey would be proud to put his name to. Snapseed is arguably the best photo-editing app available for Android tablets, allowing you to turn almost any image into a work of art: you can enhance shots and add funky filters to suit your personal taste.

Floating Video Player
Price: 64p
If you’ve used a Samsung device recently then you may have noticed the brilliant “floating” video player, which allows you to watch movies while performing other tasks. If you don’t own a tablet with this feature in place then don’t worry: Floating Video Player offers the same functionality. You can send emails, browse the web or post on Twitter, all at the same time as enjoying a movie or an episode of your favourite TV show.

Google+ is Google’s attempt to unseat the likes of Twitter and Facebook, but it comes with a handy feature: automatic uploading of your photos to the cloud. Once uploaded, you can view them from within your Google account (and your tablet’s Gallery app), sort them into albums and share them with people online. Google+ may not have the same traction as its social networking rivals, but this feature alone makes the app an indispensable download.