Why you need a dual-SIM smartphone

Motorola's Moto G is not just a great dual- SIM smartphone; it's one of our favourite smartphones. And with the announcement of the first Windows dual-SIM Phone, the Nokia Lumia 630, Android Advisor has compiled five reasons why the often overlooked perk could save you pounds.

1. The benefits of two plans
Di fferent plans o ffer di fferent benefits. Having a smartphone that supports two SIM cards will allow you to milk the value of both plans, while keeping your minimum monthly spend low. One SIM card could have a great plan for data, while the other could be great value for voice calls.

2. Who wants to carry a personal- and a business phone?
The novelty of carrying two phones quickly wears thin. Having a dual-SIM phone allows you to carry one phone that can accommodate your personal and your business line.

3. The Stinson
Dual-SIM smartphones can carry two SIM cards, which means one mobile can receive calls from two di erent numbers. People who don't want certain phone numbers showing up on one bill can use the other SIM card to make phone calls.

4. Global roaming
Going overseas? A dual-SIM smartphone is an easy way to keep receiving messages from people at home. Purchase a local SIM and pop it in the second tray to avoid nasty international roaming charges when you call people in the country you're visiting.

5. In case of emergency
The major mobile operators cover most – but definitely not all – of the UK. Having the SIM cards of two networks is like having a safety net. If one SIM card isn't picking up a signal, there's a chance the other one could.