Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Release date

When Samsung released the Galaxy S4 it followed up the popular handset with four slightly different versions that appealed to a range of users. We had the S4 mini, a more compact, less powerful handset that also came in at a slightly cheaper price; we had the S4 Google Play Edition, which ran a vanilla Android OS; there was the S4 Zoom, which featured a 16Mp camera; and then there was the S4 Active, a dustproof, waterproof, rugged version of the standard Galaxy S4 designed for those with an active lifestyle.

The Galaxy K Zoom has already been announced, and there have been rumours of an S5 mini (see previous article) and a new S5 Prime (see next article). But we had assumed, given the Galaxy S5’s dust- and waterproofing credentials, an Active version would not be required. Isn’t the Samsung Galaxy S5 already a rugged smartphone? We were wrong, it would appear, according to several videos posted on YouTube by TK Tech News.

Release date

Samsung’s Galaxy Premiere press event is scheduled for 12 June in New York. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active make its appearance at this event, making it likely that the S5 Active will be available to buy in the UK by the end of June. After all, at last year’s Premiere event we saw the appearance of the S4 mini, Active and Zoom. Price Amazon lists the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active’s RRP as £580, although it is currently selling there for £285. By comparison, the standard S4 has an RRP of £629, yet sells for £310. The S5, meanwhile, has an RRP of £599 and sells for around £495. Following this pattern, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active will probably have an RRP around £550, and quickly be discounted below £500.


The only major differences between the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Active were its slightly sturdier (by this we mean slightly chunkier, taller and heavier), water- and dustproof body, lower camera resolution (8Mp vs 13Mp) and underwater photography mode, plus three plastic hardware buttons on its front.

From the videos we can see the Galaxy S5 Active retains the Galaxy S4 Active’s hardware buttons, plus you can see S5-specific features such as the heartrate sensor. Once again, it looks a little larger than the standard version, and features a metal (possibly aluminium) chassis with hard rubberised corners to protect against damage. The rubber waterproofing seal is deeper than that of the standard S5, suggesting it will survive longer underwater.