Rooting method 2 for HTC Sensation XE

Rooting method 2 for HTC Sensation XE

1: A different process 
The HTC Sensation XE requires a different rooting process to smartphones from other manufacturers. The first place you need to visit is where you can download Revolutionary, a tool that will take care of all your rooting needs. It is advisable to read as much of the documentation as possible, but the tool has been proven to be very stable to date.

2: Get the key 
You will need to ensure that your phone is set up as required, ie USB Debugging, Unknown Sources etc, and you then need to extract and run Revolutionary. You then need to complete the required information for your phone to ensure that the correct beta key is produced for your Sensation. The Sensation XE can be rooted in exactly the same way as the original Sensation.

3: Complete the root
Connect the Sensation to your PC and when it has discovered the phone you will need to enter the beta key. You can now follow the prompts and let the software do the work for you. This is the first part of a process that you can extend to do almost anything you like with the Sensation XE. Go to to see how far you can go with this.

“It is advisable to reboot the phone to make sure everything is stable”

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