Best Portable Speakers For Android

We’ve got a selection of pocket-sized speakers this month to see which one offers you the best bass for your bucks. Not only a nice desktop speaker in the shape of everyone’s favourite droid.

Not only a nice desktop speaker in the shape of everyone’s favourite droid, the uLinkBot also enables you to take calls by speaking into it.

At the bottom is a small speaker that works great, but is slightly muffled when the uLinkBot is stood upright.

As well as connecting to the gadget through Bluetooth, you’ll also fi nd a 3.5mm audio jack and mini USB port around the back of the unit. Once connected, there’s even a semi-transparent strip that lights up to indicate if uLinkBot is working.

As with any Nokia product, you know you’re getting a well constructed piece of kit, and the Nokia MD-11 offers just that.

The hardened plastic does a good job at protecting the speaker from bumps and scratches.

Around the back is a short audio cable that plugs in to any 3.5mm audio jack, but it does lack the Bluetooth support we found with other products in the group test. Sound is great for the price, but it could do with a bit of a tweak to improve how it deals with bass-heavy songs.

The aluminium frame of the Sound To Go Plus is a definite positive and it adds a premium finish to the soundbar.

There are a variety of speakers enclosed in the front mesh that help create a sound far bigger than the unit’s size.

You’ll fi nd a mini USB around the back that can be used to stream audio and a control panel on top of it to alter volume levels and other basic settings.

It’s a bit pricey when compared to the rest of the group, but it certainly warrants the outlay.

The Aporto comes in one cylindrical unit, but it can then be separated to show two distinct speakers with a central hub.

Each two-inch driver located in both speakers offers powerful sound and being able to move them about helps create a surround sound experience.

There are a range of controls on the central hub, but they can also be controlled with most audio player apps after you connect your phone to the system via mini USB.

Sound quality is generally good with the SMC950 and its miniscule size means you’ll be able to pick it up and place it wherever you want.

It’s easily connectable to your phone through Bluetooth and streaming your songs directly to it works flawlessly.

However, its shiny exterior is very dust friendly and the build quality isn’t as premium as we’d like to have seen, but for the price you’re paying it’s only a small issue.

The two 36mm drivers offer surprisingly clear sound from this tiny boombox, but they do tend to collect dust due to the lack of a mesh front on their coverings.

You can connect the LittleBoom to any device via its 3.5mm audio jack and there’s even a mini USB port that can be used to recharge it.

With every charge you can expect to get around five hours of playback, depending on your volume settings and the device it’s connected to.

Best Portable Speakers For Android
Source : Android Magazine UK - Issue 24_ 2013