Telephoto Lens for Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories

There are several elements to the Telephoto lens, and it requires a few minutes to piece together.

All the items feel well-made and fit together nicely, although the tripod is made of plastic and is quite fiddly to get in a level position.

The S III attaches to the back of the lens and by opening up the Camera app, you’ll be able to see a 12x zoom of the image you’re taking a photo of.

The Telephoto lens is perfect for taking photos of things in the distance and images are generally of reasonable quality when using the manual focus ring on top of the lens, albeit far from tack sharp.

We’d also like the tripod to be a little sturdier – you can’t use the lens handheld so it is a crucial element – and we found that prodding the on-screen camera shutter button would often introduce motion blur to our images. Still, it’s a fun accessory for any budding smartphone photographer to try.

Telephoto Lens for Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories
Source : Android Magazine UK Issue 23