Best Email App for Android

K-9 Mail is an excellent free and open source email client that can handle IMAP, POP, WebDav, and some not-so- nicky exchange servers. Th is app is an improved and more full-featured version of the Mail app that comes with your Android phone. You have control over how oft en you poll for messages and the number of messages to display.  Even if your phone is not your primary email client, you may want to use a client like this to check mail when you are between places.

K-9 Mail provides many, many options to set your email environment just the  way you want it. If you have folders stored on your server and lters to direct mail into those  di fferent folders, you can elect to check these folders or not. For instance, I set up a folder into  which I lter any message that has an attachment and is not from my company’s domain. I don’t check this folder with K-9—those messages can wait until I get to the o ce.

Once you open an email, you can take quick action on the message using  the menu button. Your standard Reply, Reply All, Forward, Mark Unread, and Delete are all  just a click away. This makes handling your email easy and fast. I can browse my email and  scan for spam, then quickly nuke it. This way, when I get to my o ce I have few spam mails  left, and less work to get to the heart of my inbox.

From : Best Android Apps The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders by Mike Hendrickson and Brian Sawyer