Ringtones for Android

Bored of the standard ringtones included with the Android OS? Discover how to use your own sound files or music tracks in ten easy steps

Is it possible to assign tracks as ringtones from the Music app?
Yes it is, and it’s a really easy process. Simply open the Music app, find the track you want to use as a ringtone, tap on it and hold down your finger until the context menu appears, then choose ‘Use as phone ringtone’.

My custom ringtones are too quiet! How can I increase the volume?
If your Android smartphone is already set to full volume, then you’ll need to edit the audio file on a Mac or PC using an audio editor such as Audacity. It’s a free download from audacity. sourceforge.net.

How do I  delete ringtones?
There’s no way to delete a ringtone from within Android, so you’ll need to mount the SD card on your desktop computer and manually delete the file or folder of choice from there.

Some are standard fare – such as the classic phone bell – others downright irritating. For those who want to stand out from a crowd or avoid those awkward situations where multiple people have the same ringtone, it’s possible to use custom audio files for calls, SMS tones and alarm clocks. It’s not exactly an easy process, however. Follow us over the next two pages, as we explain how to copy audio files to your Android phone and use them in a variety of ways.

1 Plug and mount
The first step is to connect your phone to either a PC or Mac using the USB cable supplied with your phone. Once plugged in, drag the notification bar down using your finger, and select ‘USB connected’. This will give you the option to turn on USB storage.

2 Access the SD
Windows users will see an AutoPlay window appear on screen. Click the ‘Open folder to view files’ button, or alternatively double-click on the removable disk drive that has now appeared in the Computer window. Mac users will see a mounted SD card appear on the desktop.

3 Ringtones folder
Now that you have access to the SD card, create a new folder within it called ‘ringtones’. Any audio files dropped in here can be used as ringtones, including music tracks and sound effects. Copy any files that yo wish to use to this folder, in either WAV or MP3 format.

4 Unmount
Unmount your Android smartphone by tapping the ‘Turn off USB storage’ button, then the Home button to return to the main screen. Now, tap the Menu button, choose ‘Sound’, then ‘Phone ringtone’. You’ll see your new ringtones at the bottom of the list.

5 Assign a sound
Tap ‘OK’ to assign the new music or sound effect as your default ringtone. If the ringtone is too quiet or needs editing, you’ll need to do this using a PC or Mac. We’d suggest using Audacity, a free audio editor that works on both operating systems.

6 Add to a contact
To assign a ringtone to a particular contact, tap the Home button, then open the Contacts app and choose a contact. Tap the Menu button and select ‘Options’. You’ll see the ‘Ringtone’ option at the top of the screen where your new ringtones can be accessed.

7 Use a ringtone as the SMS alert
To assign a ringtone as a notification sound effect, such as for SMSs, mount your Android SD card once again (see Steps 1 and 2), and create a folder called ‘notifications’. Drop any audio files into this folder, then unmount your smartphone.

8 Assign an alert
You can assign the audio files as notifications by tapping Menu, ‘Sound’, then ‘Notification ringtone’. As before, any files copied to the SD card will appear at the bottom of the list. Select your new audio file and tap ‘OK’ to assign it as your new notification sound effect.

9 Alarm clocks
It’s also possible to use ringtones as the alarm clock ringer. To do this, remount your Android smartphone, and in the root folder of the SD card create a folder called ‘alarms’. As with the other alert sounds, copy any files you wish to use in MP3 or WAV format to this folder.

10 Clock set
To select your new alarm clock ringtone, open the Clock app, create a new alarm then tap the ‘Ringtone’ option. Just make sure to use a suitable music track or sound effect. A dentist drill or heavy metal track might not be the best way to start each day, but it’ll certainly get you out of bed in a hurry.

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