Vine for Android Release Date

Vine says an Android app is coming "soon," and a feature to let you tag friends is already awaiting approval from Apple. In the meantime, the company remains focused on concealing complexity, and ensuring a simple, painless experience for users. Take the feature Hofmann and his team built early on when they discovered that the final moments of many clips felt awkward and cut-short, even when testers were provided with 10 seconds to work with. "It wasn't an issue of length. It was people having a hard time gauging [how much time] they had left based on the progress bar," Hofmann said, "so [today] we let you shoot past the 6 seconds up to 6.5 seconds." In other words, the app can continue recording up to half a second after the progress bar ends.

If you have a look in your camera roll, you might notice that each video's timecode reads 7 seconds instead of 6. The quality of the "final cut" in each Vine video instantly went up by 10x, according to Hofmann. "It's another case where we had to take something complex — how do I figure out what I've got left? — and make it simpler," he said.

Source : The Verge