Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android

PIXLR EXPRESS PLUS ● Android | OS 2.2 | Free | v1.1 Very much the grown-up older sibling of Pixlr-o-matic, Pixlr Express is a greatlooking editing suite, with pop-up icons and sliders for lens  lters and creative e ects. The on-screen guides to help users drop in e ects like tilt-shift focus and blurring are a great example of the e ortless functionality and usability of Pixlr Express. It scores highly in that sense, and the in-app camera is also a great feature point. There’s also an intelligence to Pixlr that shows itself through the Auto Fix option that sharpens and brightens your image in a single tap.

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS ● Android | OS 1.5 | Free | v1.3.3 It seems a legitimate argument that perhaps the best replacement for the full mobile version of Photoshop is the streamlined download that has been with us a while now. Photoshop Express was designed to o er quick  ashes of Photoshop’s power to the mobile user without bogging them down with the deeper feature points that are more aimed at pros. So users can autocorrect photos as well as remove red-eye and image ‘noise’ in short, sharp steps. The only issue is that Photoshop Express is probably too simple and watered down to ever be a real contender to take on Touch.

PHOTO EDITOR BY AVIARY ● Android | OS 2.2 | Free | v2.4 A slightly more light-hearted contender, Aviary is powerful nonetheless, o ering a good range of enhancements as well as more colourful features, like the ability to add captions and create memes in a few steps. The enhancement features that most closely resemble those in Photoshop Touch are on a much simpler scale, but do allow users to enhance and tweak photos quickly and easily. It is, though, too basic to win this group test, though it shouldn’t stop users from turning to Aviary if they’re looking for a nice combination of neat, simple enhancements with a dash of fun in the form of stickers and frames.

Source.Apps Magazine UK Issue.32.2C.2013