Samsung Galaxy SIII Battery Case

This power pack offers 2,300 milli-amp-hours (mAh), doubling the battery life of your SIII, which in real terms means the battery booster offers 9 hours extra 4G web browsing or 7 hours talk time. However, the chunky case also greatly increases both the size and weight of your SIII, even if it does look quite chic in either two-tone white and silver or all-black designs. Ideal for Android devices, the power pack is also compatible with NFC and S Beam, so won’t interrupt your sharing. The price tag will represent a barrier for many, but with a promise that the case is good for 500 full charges, it does represent a worthwhile investment. ★★★★★ $99.95 | mophie | Source Apps Magazine UK Issue.32.2C.2013