Best Portable Chargers for Android

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Which one of these portable chargers should you buy?

Family Charging Station » Price £17.99/$24.99 » More information Okay so we might be stretching what a portable charger really is here, but the Maxima is a fantastic charger that’s capable of charging up to three devices at the same time. The unit comes with a variety of different heads that can be attached to the Maxima for your phone to connect to. It comes with a handy metal bar that stops your devices from falling over and also a UK mains charger if you need to give the Maxima a recharge.

Kensington AbsolutePower » Price £99.99/$119.99 » More information For the wallet-busting sum of £99.99/$119.99, the Kensington AbsolutePower comes with an array of connectors, enabling you to charge anything from your Android phone all the way up to a laptop. The charger itself is small and sturdy and has three ports to allow three separate devices to be charged at the same time. It’s larger than most other portable chargers, but you get a lot more charging time out of it before needing to recharge it.

solBAT II » Price £TBA/$19.99 » More information The solBAT II is an environmentally friendly and convenient way to give your phone a quick charge. It sports a rather unassuming black fascia with a solar panel on its back. By using the suction pads, you can attach the charger to any surface and start using the solar panel to charge your phone via micro USB. There’s an array of signals at the front to let you know when the device is charging, but they can be a bit temperamental.

Dual Power Bank » Price £39.99/$61.19 » More information Boasting a massive 6600 mAh capacity, the Dual Power Bank is a compact charger that enables you to charge two separate devices at the same time. At the front of the charger you’ll fi nd a small LED display that indicates the current level of charge the unit has left and a small button that toggles the display on and off. The Power Bank does exactly what you’d expect it to do, but the aluminium casing can get a bit hot after prolonged use.

Powerseed PS-15000 » Price £50.00/$TBA » More information The fi rst thing you notice about the Powerseed charger is that it’s very heavy because of the power it includes under its plastic chassis. By using the two USB ports on it you can connect two devices at the same time and keep an eye on the charge level by taking a look at the small LED lights on the front of the Powerseed. Also included is a coiled cable that can be used in conjunction with one of the several connectors that are also included in this bundle.

PowerSkin Hybrid Battery Charger » Price £54.99/$79.99 » More information What could be more portable than a charger that literally sticks to the back of your phone. The PowerSkin PoP’n has a wall of suction cups that line the back of the charger and after sticking it to the back of your phone you can use the attached micro USB dongle to start charging — no wires and no fuss. Under the plastic case is a 2000 mAh unit which will give your phone a quick boost when needed, but don’t expect it to charge anything bigger.

i1Eco Universal Charger » Price £22.99/$33.99 » More information Although the i1Eco sports an odd design when compared to other chargers, it does exactly what you’d expect it to do. The i1Eco enables you to charge two things at the same time, with one through a USB connection and the other through an interchangeable head. Once your device has fi nished charging the i1Eco automatically turns itself off to save electricity, but can then be brought back to life by pressing the button located on its side.

Source. Android Magazine UK Issue.25.2C.2013