3 Best Launcher for Android

The launchers you need in your life, These are the fast, flexible homescreens you need to revamp your android phone. All three are available on Google Play.

Apex launcher
Brings the fast, sexy Nexus “vanilla” Android look to any phone on 4.0 and up - and much more. It’s absolutely stuffed with options you can tweak, from how many columns you have on screen and apps in the tray to the animations for cycling through screens. If you’ve got a new HTC, Samsung or Sony, you’ve got to give it a go.
Holo Launcher 
Apex Launcher won’t work on older Android 2.x phones, but the free Holo Launcher will, bringing your aging smartphone a taste of “Ice Cream Sandwich” aesthetic, as well as the ability to change the number of icon columns up to 10x10. Yes, 100 apps on screen at once is overkill. But hey, the option’s there.

Next Launcher
The newly released launcher from the team behind the popular GO Launcher EX is heavy on the 3D animations, letting you rotate cards of all your homescreens every which way, and stuffed full of customisable widgets. At £9.96, it’s not cheap, but what price do you put on beauty and brains?