Brilliant Racing Steering Wheel For Tablet

The Arcade Universal Gaming Wheel is a full gaming wheel and stand combination to put you in complete control of your racing games.

The wheel itself includes an adjustable clip in the centre, allowing you to put any seven or ten-inch tablet in it. The tablet feels secure while in the clip; there’s little chance of it becoming loose.

Controlling the game you’re playing is remarkably easy thanks to the plastic handles either side. Not only are they really stylish, they also include black bars which act as solid grips. The wheel is attached to the bottom plate of the stand via a ball joint.

On initial setup, the ball joint can bea bit fiddly to get correctly in to place, and the instructions aren’t much help.To keep the whole unit in balance, the stand is split in to a tripod-styled effect.

On the front are three buttons which control the Bluetooth, power and volume buttons, and the back two contain a speaker either side. Sound is a mixed bag, and although it tends to sound slightly tinny, it ultimately depends on the game you’re playing.

After assembling the unit for the first time, the wheel tends to be quite stiff, and requires adjusting. Although this is easily done by the lever found near the ball joint, it can be fiddly trying to perfect the looseness.

To enable the Bluetooth capabilities of the device, you’ll need to use the supplied micro USB cable to charge it, or input four AA batteries at the bottom of the stand. Using the latter option isn’t ideal, as the game wheel breezes through them quickly.

You can’t argue that this is a great tool for racing game enthusiasts, however. It works well, and having a more hands-on approach to your gaming is a massive plus. It isn’t without its faults design-wise, but the Arcade Universal Gaming Wheel is a brilliant accessory to own.

Brilliant Racing Steering Wheel For Tablet
Source : Android Magazine UK Issue.21.2013