Microsoft Outlook Email App for Android

When it comes to innovation, Microsoft is probably the last company you’d think of. Fortunately, that all changed with the release of the highly praised Windows 8, which gave the antiquated operating system a much-needed facelift.

Following in its footsteps is the official Microsoft app. recently reached 400 million active users with the migration of Hotmail accounts.

The app offers the millions of users an easy way to keep up with their email while on the go. Email is one of the bare necessities of communicating online, so what makes this app stand out?

Not only can you send and receive emails while you’re on the go from your Android device, the app is fully integrated with your Microsoft account.

There’s no need to create a new one; you can sign in with your existing Microsoft account. There are a host of amazing features at your disposal – receive emails right away with push notifi cations, manage your daily routine easily with Calendar and Contacts syncing, and find emails easier than ever before with the new search tool.

Microsoft recently gave its Android app a much-needed revamp. The Android version now features the same sleek design as you’ll find online and on Windows Phone.

Microsoft has also finally brought its email app into the year 2013; conversation threading has been a staple of Gmail for a long time, but until recently, users were left in the dark.

The app makes it easier for keeping unwanted email out of your inbox, thanks to the app automatically catching messages that appear as spam. You can also create filters and flags to better manage your email. makes managing email a breeze. Who said Microsoft couldn’t come up with a fantastic app? If you want a little less Google in your life, it might finally be time to check out