Recover a Bricked Device Using Fastboot

It’s an inevitable part of the Android hacking process that you will ‘soft brick’ your device from time to time. Normally these are pretty trivial problems, the device gets stuck in a boot loop for example.

And normally you can fix them by wiping your data and cache and then reflashing your ROM, or just by restoring your android backup. But sometimes the problem can be harder to diagnose.

Maybe your custom Recovery was accidentally overwritten with the stock one, which has no advanced features. Or maybe you can’t boot into Recovery at all.

Well, there’s still a solution for most devices. It’s called Fastboot. This is a feature of the Android software development kit (SDK) and enables you to communicate with your device when it is connected to your desktop computer via USB.

In Fastboot you can flash a new custom Recovery, or flash a new ROM itself and wipe the device completely and return it to stock if needed.

Fastboot is available on most Android devices, excluding Samsung where it is not implemented.

For a Galaxy device you need to use the Odin tool to flash a new ROM or Recovery (the unofficial site normally has the latest version available to download).

On Nexus and HTC devices Fastboot is an invaluable tool, and can be a phone saver.

Using Fastboot step by step guides