Tweak Android for Optimum Performance

Finding Android sluggish and unresponsive? Could it be that your phone is not properly tuned, or bloatware and other apps are getting in the way of the ‘pure’ Android experience?

If so, you could probably do with a tuning utility, one that can kill running tasks, uninstall tough-toremove apps, log activity, adjust the SD cache and display various notifications concerning CPU load, used memory and include them in home screen widgets. That list features describes System Tuner, a free app which can quite literally revive your love of Android.

With a simple installation and setup, System Tuner’s strength is in the sheer depth of options it provides. The vast majority of Android performance issues are covered, and if there is no apparent solution for why your phone or tablet hangs, lags or crashes, System Tuner includes a log and statistical tools that you can use to track down what is going wrong.

Extended features in System Tuner enable you to back up and restore applications, run a terminal emulator, freeze and unfreeze apps, clear all caches and run an app booster when you boot to improve performance.

In summary, System Tuner is an all-in-one collection of vital utilities that will greatly improve the performance of your Android phone or tablet, but beware: you can run into problems running too many fi xes simultaneously. Avoid this by solving problems methodically with the tools available. Here’s how you get started…

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