Tweak Android for Optimum Performance part 2

Get inside System Tuner
When you fi rst launch the app, you will notice two buttons in the top-right corner. These will help you to use System Tuner effi ciently – the right-most icon is the Settings menu (for confi guring how various tweaks are applied) while the icon to the left will display the main menu.

General system tweaks
One of the most powerful options available in System Tuner is the SD cache tuner, available from the System Tweaks menu. You can check and change the Cache Size, check the usage of your SD card, and via Boot settings, clear the cache for speed improvements.

Kill unwanted apps and tasks
Task killing apps are very popular as more and more apps and utilities become tougher to close. System Tuner has this covered in the Task Manager screen. Individual apps can be closed by selecting them and tapping Kill, while Kill-all culls all your open apps.

Using the diagnostic tools
In Task Manager you can use the sort button in the lower-left corner to determine exactly how the list of apps is displayed. Another useful tool is the Analyzer, which scans data stored in the log. Activate logging by tapping the Start button in System Tuner.

Freeze and unfreeze apps
System Tuner is mostly used for app management. Open User to check the status of currently installed apps and select to freeze or boil (unfreeze), move to SD, back up or even clear the app data. Many options are available here, so make your choice carefully.

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