Tweak Android for Optimum Performance part3

To get the most out of System Tuner, you will fi nd that having notifi cations enabled is an advantage. Open Settings>Notifi cation Packages to enable notifi cation area alerts, including Recording Notifi cation. Various icon packages to use as home screen widgets are available for download via the same screen.

How to back up all apps
To back up all of your apps, you will fi rst need to confi gure a Backup location in Settings>General. After setting this up, open the Backups screen and tap All. The backup will proceed, saving data to the specifi ed location. Apps can be restored from the same screen.

App Info
Open User, select an app and tap Properties to view individual options such as Force stop, Uninstall, Move to SD card, Clear data and Clear cache. Stats for storage and the amount of cache memory being used are displayed. Note that these are available elsewhere in System Tuner.

Exclude apps
There are some apps that you might prefer stayed running while you’re busy culling others or removing them from the Startup list. In the Startups page open the app you want to keep and tap the Exclude button. This protects the app from any actions you initiate in System Tuner.

One-click control
If all of the above seems like so much messing about, try the One-click screen. Here, you can quickly initiate a full app Backup, Schedule backups, Clear caches and Wipe dalvik. Easy access to these tools from one screen enables the use of System Tuner while on the move.

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