Root Samsung Galaxy S4

Rooting your phone enables a wider choice of apps and utilities to be installed.

Gaining root access to the Galaxy S4 is simple, but requires that you first install drivers from the Samsung website: com/uk/support/download/

You will also need CF-Auto-Root, which you can downloaded from http:// download.chainfi CF-Auto-Root/CF-Auto-Root-jfl tejfl

Next, put your phone into download mode by switching it off. You then power up using a unique combination of button presses: hold volume down, power and home together.

When you see the warning, press volume up and then connect to your PC via USB. Extract the fi les from the CF-Auto-Root download and run the Odin software. Click PDA then select the MD5 fi le. Before hitting Start, check that your phone has been detected by the software.

After clicking Start, you’ll see some scrolling text. To confirm that your phone has been rooted, open the apps list and fi nd SuperSU listed.

You might also check the TriangleAway app from the Google Play store, which will remove the ‘root triangle’ which you will see on your display as a warning that your Galaxy S4 is now ‘non-standard’.