Rooting Android Phone with SuperOneClick

SuperOneClick is a one-click rooting solution that’s ideal for hacking Android Phone.

It supports a wide range of devices, especially among newer models.

As always, make sure you’re fully backed up before attempting to root your device!

Root Android Phone Steps

1. Download SuperOneClick from on your PC and run the Setup fi le to install. Before connecting your device, check that its USB debugging option is enabled in Settings>Apps>Development.

2. Connect your device using USB. Launch the SuperOneClick app on your hard drive and tap Root to begin rooting. If SuperOneClick can’t detect your device, check you have the correct drivers installed.

3. Select Yes when prompted to test the root and Android will send a ‘su’ command to your device. If the root has been successful, you’ll see a new SuperUser icon in the app drawer.

Hopely this  Root Android Phone tricks useful!